Welding tables

Modular welding work tables “Weldingmaster”- high quality and functionality welding tables to be used in the metalworking, automotive, construction and are suitable for a variety of manufacturing processes that require precision components for connecting and making new structures.

Weldingmaster tables have been created to accelerate the construction welding installation using a quick and accurate 16mm drilling attachment system that are effective and easily customizable to unique structure designs, as well as for serial-scale works. If you need to build larger structures, you can easily make the table larger with open folding system.

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About us

We are the manufacturers of modular welding tables. Weldingmaster tables are highly innovative products, which are produced based on our knowlendge, new welding indsutrie’s tendencies. The realization of new and productive ideas increases competitiveness.

Welding table system and extensive design options allows to significantly reduce Your working time. It is built for better accuracy, for less errors as possible. All these qualities give confidence of accuracy, highest quality and ability to compete in the manufacturer’s market.